How to Tell If Your Web Designers Are Doing a Good Job

Web design can be both intuitive and technical. This makes it easy to judge aesthetically if it works, but also easy to defend metrically if it doesn’t. Bad web designers will often fall back on the excuse that their results were constrained by best practices and it was the best they could do given the client’s requirements.

There are times when this can be true, but businesses need to recognize when it’s being used as a smokescreen to cover up shortcomings. Fortunately, we have a couple of examples of positive things to look out for when judging a web design project. The best of it is that it’s not even coming from us, rather they’re from partners that we worked for in the past.

We got these tips from their Clutch reviews describing their experience with us. It’s from their comments that we learned what they were looking for and you should be looking for in your own vendor.

Understanding The Goal

The first review comes from an education platform that needed to build a website from scratch so they can become more competitive. It was an easy enough build considering that our team was on the ground floor of the project, meaning we didn’t have to work with someone else’s code.

But this also had the side-effect of us having to know nearly everything about our partner’s business just to get started. This made an impression on our partner because since we already understood what they were trying to do, the result was aligned with what they were looking for.

Knowing what the goals are is not just useful because it gets the job done quicker, it gets the job done better as the second case demonstrates.

Improvement Suggestions

Once a team knows exactly what needs doing, a good designer will point you in a direction that can improve the project as a whole. Oftentimes, it’s an option that clients don’t even think about because design isn’t their field of expertise.

A web design team that makes suggestions to improve the project is a good sign because 

  1. It shows they care about the results
  2. They’re confident to meet expectations and want to exceed them
  3. They genuinely want to give you an advantage over the competition

If you look at a comprehensive list that includes industry leaders and how they were included in it, you’ll probably see similar reasons behind their good performance.
If you’re looking to work with a team that will take the time to understand your goals and do their best to improve your project get in touch with us now.

Posted on Jan 12, 2021